Introduction of our Technologies(LC Measuring software)

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LC measuring instrument characteristic

[Measuring, calculation and adjustment, all operation using a mouse]
Using the “user-friendly” GUI

●[Optical measurement and capacity measurement at the same time]
Special characteristics not found at the optical measurement you can detect at the capacity measurement.

●[Compatible with both, N and P type]
Viscosity coefficient of the N-type of response characteristics Leslie can be measured.

●[The measurement results can be stored in the CSV(Excel) data]
The latest data can be stored in an Excel file for later examination.

Measurement Menu


Measurement animation

Measurement example

capacity measurement

Integral response

Differenfial response

T-V measurement

Conoscope calculation

Leslieviscosity coefficient

It provides dedicated software that specializes in the ability to mainly used in research institutes from a variety of measurement menu , such as optical and capacitance measurement and optical Batch measurement and optical FReverse measurement and optical Dutyi-Bias measurement and response measurement , conoscope measurement Is possible. Because you are specializing in the normal software from a particular function , you can offer cheaper than usual . LC measuring software , but we also sold as software only , so you can not use in a software-only , is available in that you use your in conjunction with the following compatible products .


Can be purchased in the personal computer and the corresponding hardware and software set by us . Others , also we will correspond , such as special measurement specifications and consultation and joint research of new features . Please feel free to contact us .