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LC measuring instrument software

[Measuring, calculation and adjustment, all operation using a mouse]
Using the “user-friendly” GUI

[Optical measurement and capacity measurement at the same time]
Special characteristics not found at the optical measurement you can detect at the capacity measurement.

[It does not matter the sort of N type or P type]
Viscosity coefficient of the N-type of response characteristics Leslie can be measured.

[The results can be written in the CSV (Excel) data]
The latest data can be stored in an Excel file for later examination.

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We have succeeded in development of the small-size high definition liquid crystal color display panel without using the color filter.

LCA are well-versed in the production of materials to display panels, having been engaged in the development and production of the liquid crystal for many years. Lately, we have developed the "FSC Simple Matrix Drive Anti-ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Panel." "1 μm cell cap" puts us beyond reach of our rivals. We are confident that this device suits best to the needs of manufacturers who integrate the small-size high definition liquid crystal displays into their products. For those companies who are interested in establishing business partnerships with our company, please contact us.

"FSC simple matrix drive anti-ferroelectric liquid crystal display"
単純マトリックス駆動 FSC モードでのデモ表示

Panel specifications

  1. 1 / 32duty drive  
  2. 24 x 32 pixels
  3. Panel size: 1.5cm x 1.0cm

Drive frequency: 5000Hz drive is possible.

Technical features

  • Panel is driven in FSC (Field Sequential Color) mode.
  • Color filter is not required.
  • Anti-ferroelectric liquid crystal is employed.
  • Simple matrix drive method is used.
  • Panel is driven by a low-voltage.
  • Power consumption of the back light can be reduced.
  • The LC material for ultra high-speed response use.
  • t suits best to the small-size high definition liquid crystal display panels.

Technological explanation of FSC mode
※Please click the image to enlarge.

FSC mode is a method to write in the image data of R,G, and B while  R, G, B LED illuminating the image in chronological order for one picture element (pixel) and synchronizing with it.

Compared with the conventional display method, number of pixels can be only 1/3, thus the number of drive ICs being reduced to 1/3.
In addition, the power for illumination is reduced to 1/3 ~1/5 thanks to no backlight loss at the filter
Double helical structure of the liquid crystal is suppressed by a narrow gap (approximately 1μm) and turns into the state of surface stabilized anti-ferroelectric liquid crystal (SSAFLC).

For details, please see the section introducing our "Technologies.

Form of transactions with business partners

Shipped products
Type of shipment
Your company
Role of our company
LC materials itself Shipment of LC Production of 1 μm cells, drive waveform, IC design Fulfillment of specifications of your company
LC+ Cell Shipment of cell Drive waveform, IC design Delivery of complete cells
LC+ Cell +IC Shipment of modules. Integration into products Shipment of complete modules
Consulting Technical consultation on each process Trustee agreement for technical consultation on each process

―― Special Remarks ――

■Our technology was adopted by the New Technology Development Foundation as a new technology development theme under its subsidy at its 81st panel in the year 2008.


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